How to import items into Kolekto

Kolekto was built with ease-of-use in mind, and adding items manually is simple to do using our mobile or web application. But we know that this can be tedious when you have a large collection of items that you've already invested time into cataloging in another application or piece of software. That's why we've made it simple and easy to import your items into Kolekto from other applications, and this guide will provide details on how to prepare your file and import the items.

Items can be imported from CSV files, and it is important to ensure that the first row of your CSV file contains the field headings. When preparing the CSV import file, you should ensure that all of the following are true of your export file:

  • Ensure that the CSV file uses the , (comma) delimiter for fields.
  • Make sure that the first row of the CSV file contains the field headers.
  • The file should have the correct CSV MIME type (text/csv).
  • Each row (after the header) should represent a single item that you want to import.

Once you have the CSV file correctly prepared, follow the instructions below to import the items into your Kolekto account.

Please note that at this time, CSV files can be imported using the Kolekto web app only.

Desktop instructions

In order to import items into your Kolekto account, you will need at least one collection, containing at least one category set up. You should also ensure that you have any custom attributes already configured for the chosen Collection. Please read over our helpful guides to set up these prerequisites:

  1. Click on Imports in the left-hand menu bar.
  2. Select the Collection and Category into which the items should be imported.
  3. Locate the CSV file you have prepared on your computer.
  4. Set up the field mappings in the modal. You can map the fields in your CSV to any of the custom attributes that are set up in your Collection.
  5. Click the "Import x Items" button to begin the import.

Once the import has completely successfully, you will see a success message containing information about the import. There are some important points of note, as follows:

  • You do not have to import all fields from the CSV file, but "Item name" is a required mapping.
  • If you do not map the Quantity field to a column in your CSV file, a value of 1 will be assigned to each item.